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The following artists are those who have exhibited with Lomond Art in 2017, representing a variety of styles and mediums. If you are a member of the public, you may find some of these artists have prints of original work and cards available in our shop. We are happy to pass on enquiries about commissioning a piece of work, so please get in touch.

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Sharon Reid

Sharon was born and grew up in Scotland. She has a background in Education and “ The Arts” in its widest sense. While surviving from cancer in 2010, she initially turned to photography as a distraction. Seven years on and Sharon admits the tough times have fed her creativity and that her work has become an all-consuming passion.

Her striking images cover every aspect of life, the dark and the light, capturing mood and feeling that few other photographic artists can achieve.

Fife has been a particular inspiration for her, where she has spent a great deal of time recording and reworking her observations of life, especially in its beaches and pubs.

“ Woe and humour, love and loss, innocence and consciousness, politics and people, sexuality and strength, sensuality, frailty and age… all draw me to them as subjects”, admits Sharon “ and I hope I add something to people’s thoughts on them “.

Sharon lives in Caithness.

You can see some of her work here.


Siv MacArthur

Born and raised in a small west coast town in Finland, Siv was in her twenties when she moved to Scotland with her Scots husband.

Her love of drawing and painting started at an early age and for the past 10 years she has worked full time on her art. Siv is skilled in a range of mediums including watercolour and acrylic but it is her mixed media work that excites her and us.

Mostly semi-abstract paintings, her art is inspired by people, places and experiences in Scotland and her native Finland, within which she conveys mood with the use of vibrant colours to uplift and stimulate , and muted or monochrome contrasts to calm and relax.

For years, her work has been well received in galleries and open exhibitions around the country including a very successful run at the Airport Gallery in Edinburgh. Her work can also be seen at the historic Cambo Estate near St Andrews. Other gallery locations where she has exhibited are Birmingham, Crieff, Dunkeld, Ceres, and Glasgow.

Siv is a strong advocate for developing and promoting local art and artists and exhibits with local art groups across Fife.

She is a regular exhibitor at the Open Studios North Fife and contributes to The Secret Art Show for the MS Trust, Tayside Healthcare and Dunkeld Cathedral Charity Exhibitions. Her works appear in public and private collections

Siv lives in Cupar.


Donald MacKenzie

Donald was born and grew up on the Great Glen Cattle Ranch in the Highlands of Scotland, near the foot of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain.

For Donald, photography is a vehicle through which to convey and connect with the places he has lived and visited. He is best known for his powerful and atmospheric black and white images. His main artistic influence is the great American photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams who developed the Zone System to produce depth and clarity in photographs.

A well-travelled photographer, in 2016 Donald spent a month working in Yosemite in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, where he experienced first-hand the landscape of Ansel.

He lives in Glenfarg, Perthshire.

You can see many of Donald's photographs here.

Lena Ferrier

Lena is a textile artist.

Her love of drawing and crafting started at an early age and growing up in a Kilmany farming family was an ideal environment to develop her creative talents.

Her mother, grandmother and aunt introduced and encouraged her to develop her skills in fine needlework. She recalls the beauty and feel of the various fabrics used to make many of her own clothes which helps explain her love of textiles to this day.

Lena includes a mix of techniques, fabric paints, felting, embroidery and applique in her work.

On leaving school, she went to Duncan of Johnstone School of Art but after a year decided to pursue other interests. However, she continued creating in her spare time and having been inspired by an embroidery exhibition in the 1980s she went on to complete a City and Guilds to develop further her technique and design work.

This subsequently led to forming Broderie Alba with other C & G students and together they held various exhibitions.

In 2016, Broderie Alba exhibited at the Iona Gallery in Kingussie and members are currently creating work for next year’s exhibition. The group also hold occasional workshops in Newburgh.

Lena lives in Cupar.


Jean Drysdale

Jean is a sculptural artist specialising in felts. Attracted by the great history, breadth and the depth of the felt making tradition, Jean works with unspun sheep’s wool fibre from British and European rare breeds to fine Australian merino, using her wide ranging and ever evolving techniques within the felting process to bond the wool with silks and other natural fibres.

Blending traditional wet felting and contemporary hand dyeing techniques to achieve contrasting colours which migrate during the process, Jean creates stunning sculptural objects, wall pieces and wearable items.

Jean has exhibited her work in various locations and galleries within the UK and delivers demonstrations. She is a member of the International Feltmakers Association, and is a founder member and Chair of the York Feltmakers Association since 2012.

She lives in York, England.


Roderick Gauld

A farmer’s son, Roderick was born and raised in north east Fife and for many years was an artist for a large publishing company before deciding to focus full time on his own work.

Painting mostly landscapes, seascapes and animals, beautifully capturing the essence of, and atmosphere that surrounds his subject.

His farming roots and the Scottish scenery are major influences on his painting. Primarily working in oils and acrylics, and occasionally woodcuts and watercolours, his originals vary in size from around A5 to one metre wide, using a more impressionistic style for larger works.

Roderick has exhibited widely across Fife and Perthshire

He is a regular contributor to local exhibitions and annually exhibits for Open Studios North Fife. He is also president of Cupar Art Club

Roderick lives in Cupar.

You can see some of his work here.


Vicky Coull

Trained as a technical illustrator in London, drawing jet engines for Rolls Royce, and working as a technical manuals designer with NCR bank machines in Scotland, has provided an excellent foundation for Vicky’s stunning artwork.

She is inspired by the vibrant colours in the ever changing landscape of the Scottish countryside, creating in water colour, mixed media, acrylic and collage; incorporating fabric and silk thread to give a feeling of texture. Vicky’s work is never an absolute copy but rather emerges from her mind’s eye after she has seen an image.

A highly regarded and busy artist, Vicky is fully committed to her local community, taking an active part in local groups and events including her local art club.

A popular artist, Vicky has exhibited widely and presents work annually in Cupar and through Open Studios North Fife

Vicky lives in Cupar.


Rob Deakin

Rob was born in London but spent most of his life in Scotland.

Having lived in various locations from the Highlands to the Borders and Fife in-between. Rob’s love of Scotland and the Scottish countryside has inspired his work and he travels extensively around the country to capture both the day and night time personalities of the scenery, frequently using long exposure techniques to bring out the colour and detail that the eye can only imagine.

He is also an accomplished cityscape photographer. Drawing on his experience of growing up in a metropolis he has a remarkable understanding of how shape, angle and light work together with technical skills to produce striking images of the built environment.

Rob’s photography has taken him across Europe, including Iceland where his interest in the beauty and diversity of European cultures are reflected in his work. He has a love of animals and when he has time, enjoys pet photography.

Rob lives in Dundee.

You can see some of his work here.


Suzan Hutchison

Suzan hails from the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

She studied at the University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and still draws inspiration from there.

As an artist, Suzan makes use of many mediums including drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. Over recent years, she has developed a ‘romance’ with ceramics and glass.

Whatever she’s working on, Suzan aims to push the attributes of mediums to the limit, and this is seen powerfully in her beautiful tonal raku vessels and stunning jewel like glass work.

With Suzan, art really is a passion, and an adventure just begun.

She lives in Cupar, Fife

A selection of Suzan’s original art work is available for purchase. Please note that these items incur special shipping charges. On ordering, we will notify you by email of exact charges before processing your order. If you do not wish to proceed with the sale, we will reimburse your account as quickly as possible. Alternatively, use the contact form on the website to enquire about charges for a particular piece of work,

To view a selection of original work by Suzan, click here.


Brian Petrie

Brian is a native Fifer and as an artist will be known to many in Scotland and further afield.

Educated in Strathmiglo and Dunfermline before studying graphic design and printing at what is now Edinburgh Napier University, Brian worked for years with a large publishing firm before making the decision to become a freelance artist in 1995.

He has exhibited widely across the country and is influenced greatly by our landscape and coastal settings.

Brian has produced a tremendous body of work over the past 23 years, combining painting with his role as political and topical cartoonist with large national newspapers. In 2016, he was named Cartoonist of the Year at the Scottish Press Awards.

He loves Scottish folk music and plays Mandolin. He attributes ‘blame’ to his weekly sessions playing in pubs for his more quirky, mischievous creations, which often merge his passion for Scotland’s geography and keen observations of the folk music scene.

But Brian also does ‘serious’ and as he puts it ‘Some days I paint quirky, some days, wild seas, some days the rolling hills of Angus and Fife, and some days I'm too busy bowling’.

He enjoys using acrylic but will use water colour and other mediums when the situation is right.

Brian has a great zest for life and is as engaging in person as his work is for the viewer. He loves variety and change, all of which are reflected in his work.

He lives with his family in Angus

To view and purchase a selection of original work by Brian, visit our gallery at


Jim Dewar

A native of Dundee, Jim is a highly respected professional artist with almost 40 years’ experience behind him.

Starting out as an illustrator on children’s comics and women’s magazines he became a senior illustrator within a successful art department of a large national publishing company, and latterly the Commissioning Illustrations Editor for one of Scotland’s well-loved magazines.

For the past twenty-five years, Jim has focused on Scotland’s landscape and his work is most recognizable for the way he beautifully captures the atmosphere and light of our mountains and forests.

He works mostly in watercolour now and enjoys the spontaneity and unpredictability it offers.

However, Jim is comfortable with other media including pen and ink.

He is also highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter work.

Jim exhibits regularly and his paintings can be seen in galleries around the country. His work is much sought after at home and abroad including Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, the USA and China.

Jim lives in Monifieth, Scotland.

To view a selection of Jim's work click here